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Silver Cascade Waterfall

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Ilyinskoye village settlement, Morgaushsky district, Chuvash Republic, Russia

The Silver Cascade waterfall is the largest waterfall in Chuvashia, consisting of a multi-step series of waterfalls. Or rather, small, but very picturesque waterfalls of the region.

Previously, the main waterfall was more than 5 meters high, but due to the collapse of the clay rock layer, the net height of the fall of the central stream decreased to 4 meters, then the water falls down another 2 meters. After passing through an underground tunnel formed by collapsed stones and forming a stormy stream, it divides into two large parts. Each of which forms a cascade of waterfalls, with a total height of much more than 5 m. The lower waterfalls are located in a more inaccessible place, where you have to be careful and cautious.

The place where the waterfalls are located is very picturesque and reminds many of the Crimean canyons: the noise of the waterfall, the shade of trees, a mysterious and solemn atmosphere. 

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