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Patriotic Chuvashia

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2 days

The tour is recommended for schoolchildren aged 13-15 and provides children with a unique opportunity to learn more deeply and visually familiarize themselves with the historical, cultural and military heritage of Chuvashia, to awaken in children and young people a sense of national identity and pride for the Motherland, to cultivate respect for the glorious past of Russia and Chuvashia.

Category of students: secondary school, grades 5-9

Tour duration: 29 hours (2 days /1 night)

1 day

The gathering of the group takes place in the upper parking lot of the shopping center "Mega Mall" Cheboksary and everyone goes to the hotel for Breakfast.

In the future, the group goes on a bus and pedestrian sightseeing tour of the historical and modern part of Cheboksary: schoolchildren discover new facts and take pictures against the background of all their favorite attractions.

The next place to visit will be the border patrol ship Cheboksary, which holds many secrets and well-deserved achievements. The guide will tell you some of the secrets of the ship, show the weapons installed on it, and guide students through the significant rooms of the ship.

After lunch, we leave in the direction of the memorial complex "Sursky frontier". The monument was erected in honor of the labor feat of the inhabitants of Chuvashia during the Great Patriotic War. Then we go to Kozlovka for an excursion. At the end of the educational program, we enjoy the beauty of the Bird's Flight observation deck. The Bird's Flight Mountain is one of the highest points from the Volga River level in the Chuvash Republic.

Day 2

At 08:00 we meet in the lobby of the hotel, have breakfast, vacate the rooms, load things on the bus.

We leave in the direction of Cheboksary aviation and sports club named after A.V. Lyapidevsky. Here we are waiting for an exciting pastime:

  • training in theoretical skills of skydiving;
  • practicing practical skills on simulators;
  • parachute assembly and disassembly workshops;
  • inspection of aircraft with an experienced pilot.

We finish the tour in the parking lot of the shopping center "MegaMall".


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